VPN Reviews by VPN Changer

A List of VPN Providers & Services

We understand that you may be hesitant to spend your hard-earned money on a VPN company you have never heard of before. That’s why we offer our reviews, where we break down each company into the four main categories: features, performance, security, and support. We also want to make sure that our reviews are as accurate as possible. That is why we will never promote a VPN company with poor ratings or reviews across the board.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is often more software or cloud based, and serves the purpose of providing privacy for your networks. This can be everything from hiding your IP address from sites looking for your exact location or ISP, to keeping internal communications systems private so any messages that hackers or unauthorized parties try to "intercept" will result in them not getting anything but encoded gibberish.

What Does A VPN Do?

VPNs tend to be really focused on privacy and security via privacy. This can be used by a variety of different organizations, companies, or casual users to make sure that communications from one department to another can't be hacked, stolen, or viewed from the outside. This is where VPN becomes a crucial part of security, adding a layer of security to other software protections, especially when it comes to privacy issues.

A good VPN will make a huge difference when it comes to making sure all your communications are secure.

A VPN will allow you to:

  • Browse the Internet anonymously
  • Use a hidden IP address when sites/bots try to find your location
  • Enable Wi-Fi security
  • Create limited access tunnels
  • Easily installation of VPN account on setup
  • Surf with VPN protection even when out and about on devices connecting to public Wi-Fi

How to Choose the Right One

VPN reviews can help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a VPN. As with anything else, it is best to compare all of the options available before choosing a VPN provider.

You should try to find an option that meets your needs. The right VPN for you might be something completely different from the other people using it. Using a VPN is just like being in two places at once.

In order to find out whether or not it is the right choice for you, you need to know what your needs are.

Here are some things to consider to find out what your needs are:


One of the most significant decisions that you need to make is the kind of traffic that you need to use your VPN for. You will need some traffic to connect to the Internet. If it is to use a traditional website, then a VPN can offer you a lot of benefits. If you need traffic for streaming or torrenting, then it might not be as helpful.


If you need speed, then a VPN might not be the right choice for you. VPN routes traffic through servers in different parts of the world. Also, servers encrypt traffic for security reasons, so it takes some time. If you are not worried about speed, then you can get many benefits from a VPN.


If you have a business that you want to keep safe, you may need security that is provided by a VPN. You might need to send sensitive data to people or have an individual computer that is isolated from the rest of the Internet. With a VPN, you can have better security and protection against hackers and other threats.


If you need to keep private information private, a VPN can give you the protection that you need. It can protect your data from prying eyes. This might include your children's information, financial information, and even your computer passwords. These are just a few things to consider before choosing a VPN provider. After all, it is your best option to protect your privacy and security when it comes to surfing the Internet.

Can VPN services be trusted?

Although all VPN companies claim to have no-logs policies, this isn't always the case. For example, there have been numerous instances of a no-logs VPN service leaking confidential information about its users following a significant data breach.

There are, however, methods for filtering out untrustworthy VPN services. Here are some things to watch for:

Independent audits

If a company was audited for its no-logs policy, then it's likely that the VPN is reliable. On the other hand, companies such as PwC are multi-million-dollar businesses that are not subject to the rigors of the bribery laws. Therefore, if they claim that the VPN is a privacy-friendly company that adheres to assertions, you should pay attention.

Court decisions

There's no better way to demonstrate the privacy claims of a VPN service than by submitting a response to lawful demands. If the VPN service works with law enforcement agencies and comes before a judge with a log of their activities, do not think it's different from your situation.


It is essential to be aware of the owners of the VPN service. There is a good chance they run many other products, and you should investigate how they operate. For example, have there been any privacy breaches or data breaches? scandals? This can help you determine the way your data will be handled.