CyberGhost Review

  • Easy access to Netflix and other popular sites
  • Torrenting and P2P allowed
  • BBC iPlayer and other platforms work like a charm
  • User-friendly apps
  • IP Leak Protection
  • 265-Bit AES Encryption
  • 9600+ servers in 100 countries
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
CyberGhost Score

CyberGhost VPN is a champ at torrenting and plays nice with big streaming names like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Plus, it's got some techy features up its sleeve:

  • WireGuard Protocol: For fast and secure connections
  • Specialty Servers: Think servers optimized for streaming, torrenting, etc.
  • Dedicated IP Option: Your IP, so no more sharing
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee: A whole 15 days more than the industry standard of 30 days

And guess what? All these come without burning a hole in your pocket.

But hold your horses. It's not all rainbows and unicorns. The macOS and iOS apps are like the lite versions—fewer features, less fun. And let's talk speed: it could rev up a bit, especially given its massive server pool.

Why I'm Not All-In on CyberGhost VPN

  1. Shady Parent Company: Kape had a previous life as Crossrider, a company not famous for respecting privacy. That's a red flag.
  2. Not So Fast: Connections take their sweet time, and speeds aren't breaking any records.

Trust is the currency in the world of privacy tools. Given Kape's past and some issues with root certificates, proceed with caution.

So, CyberGhost is still in the "work-in-progress" zone. If you're not sold, there's a buffet of other VPN options to sink your teeth into.

Detailed Ratings

Speed & Performance
Customer Support

Speed & Performance

CyberGhost promises speed, thanks to its WireGuard support. However, real-world tests show it's not squeezing out all the juice from this protocol.

WireGuard Speed Tests: Not Quite There Yet

Baseline: 500 Mbps download / 500 Mbps upload

Location Download Speed Upload Speed
US (NY) 469 Mbps 441 Mbps
UK 462 Mbps 468 Mbps
Germany 442 Mbps 109 Mbps
Japan 468 Mbps 223 Mbps
Australia 443 Mbps 314 Mbps

Despite these seemingly strong numbers, the real-world experience was bogged down by slow web page loads and frequent connectivity issues. This hints at implementation issues with WireGuard on CyberGhost's part.

How Other Protocols Stack Up

Baseline: 460 Mbps download / 470 Mbps upload

  • IKEv2: 238 Mbps / 160 Mbps
  • OpenVPN (UDP): 46 Mbps / 174 Mbps
  • OpenVPN (TCP): 109 Mbps / 76 Mbps

IKEv2 is your best bet after WireGuard, despite a 50% drop in speed. OpenVPN, on the other hand, is painfully slow.

Protocol Comparison: Speed, Security, and Stability

Protocol Speed Security Connection Stability
WireGuard Highest High Medium
IKEv2 Medium Medium High
OpenVPN Low High High
  • Stick to IKEv2 for now until WireGuard issues are sorted.

CyberGhost's Massive Server Fleet

CyberGhost boasts a whopping 9,600 servers across 100 countries.

Geographic Breakdown

Region Countries Servers
Europe 45 countries ~6200
Asia and Oceanic region 22 countries ~900
Americas 12 countries ~2200
Africa 12 countries ~300

The best coverage is in Europe, followed by the Americas. Note that some servers are virtual, including those in Argentina, Portugal, Indonesia, and Egypt.

Does CyberGhost Work in China?

Yes, it does, according to CyberGhost. But take that with a grain of salt. While the registration process is simple, China is notorious for blocking VPNs.

Is CyberGhost Good for Streaming?

Platform Does it work?
Netflix ✅ Yes
Amazon Prime Video ✅ Yes
Hulu ✅ Yes
HBO Max ✅ Yes
Disney+ ✅ Yes
BBC iPlayer ✅ Yes
Youtube TV ✅ Yes
Apple TV ✅ Yes

Get started with CyberGhost

CyberGhost nails it when it comes to streaming. Specialized servers are your go-to for unblocking a ton of media platforms. We threw everything but the kitchen sink at it—Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, you name it—and it unblocked them all.

Unblocking Netflix with CyberGhost

On the first try, boom! We were in the U.S. Netflix library. But hold your horses—search results took their sweet time, lagging for a few minutes. Once the show rolled, though, it was smooth sailing. So, don't be too quick to blame CyberGhost; Netflix might be the culprit here.

Unblocking Other Streaming Platforms with CyberGhost

Other platforms? A walk in the park. HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video—all accessible and streaming without a hiccup. BBC iPlayer? It’s even faster than Netflix. If you’re going that route, select the server optimized for BBC iPlayer. Geo-blocked YouTube videos? Unblocked, no sweat.

Is CyberGhost Good for Torrenting?

Yes, CyberGhost is a torrenter’s best friend. P2P-optimized servers and robust security features make it a strong pick. The server list is long enough to make your head spin, offering many options for torrenting without stress.

But How Fast is it?

Here's the deal: the speeds are, well, average. Downloading a considerable file gave us speeds of 9.1 Mb/s on a UK server and 6.3 Mb/s on a US server.

Customer Support

Offers a robust customer support system, and they aren't slacking when it comes to helping you out. I tested their service by asking about Linux-related queries through their 24/7 live chat, and guess what? I was connected to an agent in no time. The agent shot back with fast, precise, and knowledgeable answers. And if your issue is the kind that needs a deep dive, they don't leave you hanging. They'll generate a ticket and circle back to you with a fix.

Support Channels:

  • 24/7 Live Chat: 🟢 Instant access to an agent
  • Email: 🟢 Another solid option for non-urgent issues
  • Phone Line: 🔴 Not available, but who calls these days anyway?
  • Guides and Articles: 🟢 Comprehensive tutorials covering even niche devices like game consoles
  • FAQs: 🟢 Quick answers for common questions

If you're new to the VPN, CyberGhost's customer support portal is a treasure trove. The catalog of tutorials is extensive, stretching from standard PC setups to more specific devices like Kodi and game consoles.


VPN has top-tier features: AES-256 encryption, a Deloitte-audited no-logs policy, and it's headquartered in privacy-friendly Romania. Plus, it's jazzed up with cutting-edge protocols like WireGuard. So yeah, it's rock solid.

Quick Specs

  • Encryption: AES 256
  • Tunneling Protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2
  • Kill Switch: ✅
  • RAM Servers: ✅
  • Dark Web Monitoring: ✅ (Through Privacy Guard)
  • Privacy Policy: No logs, audited by Deloitte

Unhackable Encryption & Tunnel Protocols

AES 256-bit encryption is like the Superman of security layers; even the beefiest supercomputers can't crack it. CyberGhost uses this to lock down your connection.

Supported Protocols:

  • WireGuard. It's lightning-fast and ironclad secure. And guess what? CyberGhost offers this on all their apps.

  • IKEv2: A bit older but still reliable. It’s specially optimized for mobile and is a feature on the CyberGhost iOS app.

  • OpenVPN (UDP/TCP): The old reliable. You can even force TCP over UDP if you want.

Kill Switch: Your Safety Net

CyberGhost's kill switch is your security backup. When I tested it, the kill switch kicked in after the server connection dropped. The only gripe? You can't tweak the kill switch settings for individual apps. The mobile version doesn't let you turn it off, but that keeps you protected 24/7.

Privacy: They Don't Want to Know You

CyberGhost has a no-logs policy independently verified by Deloitte as of September 2022. The company is based in Romania, where EU data retention laws have been declared unconstitutional. *Romania isn’t part of the Fourteen Eyes alliance.

Specialized Servers

  • Types: Torrenting, Streaming, Gaming
  • Features: Optimized for specific tasks

Specialized Servers are a standout in the CyberGhost feature list. They are custom-tailored for torrenting, streaming, and gaming. You won’t find this level of specialization with every VPN service out there.

  • Torrenting Servers: Designed to play nice with P2P clients like uTorrent, these servers are situated in countries where torrenting is less of a legal gray area. The cherry on top? They offer top-notch download speeds. A distance indicator tells you how far you are from each server, helping you pick the fastest option.

  • Streaming Servers: Want to unblock Netflix or Disney+? These servers show you exactly which streaming services they can unblock, making your life much easier.

  • Gaming Servers: Low latency is the name of the game here. I clocked a latency increase of just 10 ms compared to a non-VPN connection. Stability? Check.

Dedicated IP

  • Cost: $2.50 to $5.00/month extra
  • Location Choices: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Australia
  • Unique Feature: Anonymity token

Having a Dedicated IP means you get an exclusive IP address. It's a godsend if you need to allow IPs for your server or want reliable streaming. While most dedicated IPs compromise on anonymity, CyberGhost flips the script by introducing a unique token system. This token is your golden ticket to anonymity, and you must keep it safe. Lose it, and you lose the subscription.


  • Effectiveness: Varies

Are you tired of ads tailing you? CyberGhost's Ad-Blocker aims to shield you from online ads. While it's not a 100% foolproof solution (some ads do slip through), the company is committed to improving this feature over time.

NoSpy Servers

  • Location: Romania
  • Additional Benefits: Extended bandwidth, P2P support

NoSpy Servers are a privacy nut’s dream come true. Located in Romania and controlled solely by CyberGhost, these servers offer an added layer of privacy along with increased bandwidth and P2P support.

Smart Rules

  • Automated Tasks: Startup, connection, program launch

If you're about automating your life, Smart Rules is your jam. Configure it once and let it connect to a specific server or launch certain apps upon connection. You can even set it to activate on unsafe Wi-Fi networks. It's like having a personal assistant for your VPN.


CyberGhost VPN has a wide range of apps available across different platforms. However, not all platforms are created equal regarding usability and features. Here's a quick rundown:

Platform User Experience Summary
Windows Intuitive but needs more robust functionality
macOS User-friendly, but the kill switch is problematic
Linux Outdated and tricky to install
Mobile apps Well-designed, but iOS lacks a kill switch
Browser Basic extensions with limited features


The Windows app is a visual treat with a straightforward design, ideal for VPN newbies.

However, there are some hiccups:

  • The app sometimes switches to OpenVPN automatically if your chosen protocol fails. While this fallback is helpful, it could benefit from more customization options.
  • The connection status is ambiguous. It's hard to tell if the connection is in progress, failed, or timed out.
  • The search bar needs to be more consistent. It only displays countries initially but switches to cities once you select a country, making it less intuitive to navigate.


The macOS client is a step up with data compression and ad-blocking features.

But watch out for the following:

  • The kill switch doesn't reliably maintain Internet access when waking the system from sleep.


Linux users, brace yourselves. Installation is cumbersome and problematic.

  • The website offers Fedora 32, even when you select Fedora 33, causing installation issues.
  • Manual intervention is needed to run the install script.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps are clean, minimal, and relatively consistent across iOS and Android.

Key differences:

  • Android supports OpenVPN and WireGuard, while iOS offers WireGuard and IKEv2.
  • Android requests location permission for Wi-Fi hotspot naming. It's optional and not a red flag.

Browser Extensions

These are basic and limited. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Opera, but they only offer SSL encryption and four country choices.


You're looking at three main subscription options with CyberGhost, which all offer the same features. The price shifts based on how long you're willing to commit. Oh, and every plan lets you connect up to 7 devices at the same time. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1-Month Plan: $12.99/month
  • 6-Month Plan: $6.99/month
  • 2-Year Plan: $2.11/month

Grab that CyberGhost Deal

If you're a commitment phobe, the 1-month plan is your go-to. It's $12.99, but you're only locked in for 30 days. The downside? You get a shorter 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you're all about saving cash, the 2-year plan is the steal. It's priced at just $2.11/month and offers an 84% discount. Sweetening the pot? You get two extra months free. And you have 45 days to ask for your money back if you're not vibing with it.

Let's Talk Payment Options

They've got your standard credit cards, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. But if you're into crypto, you can pay with that, too. Anonymity? Check.

Is CyberGhost Ever Free?

Nada, there's no forever-free version. But you can give it a whirl with their free trials; no credit card is required. Here's how long you can test it out based on your device:

  • Windows or Mac: 1 day
  • Android: 3 days
  • iOS: 7 days

And if that's not enough, there's always the money-back guarantee. It’s either 14 or 45 days, based on your chosen plan. That should be ample time to kick the tires and see if you want to stick around.

Student Discounts
Students who can verify their student status through Student Beans are eligible for a discount. The student offer costs $2.75 monthly and requires you to sign a one-year contract.

Add-Ons for Extra Fee
You can also purchase add-ons at an additional cost. You can upgrade to get a dedicated IP address for $5 per month instead of sharing it with others. CyberGhost offers a $9.99 flat-rate subscription to PassCamp, a cloud-based password management system.

How to Cancel CyberGhost Subscription?

CyberGhost will refund your money if you are unhappy with their service. Log into CyberGhost and navigate to "My Subscriptions" in the account dashboard. After logging in, click "Turn automatic renewal off," and you will be good to go. CyberGhost has a money-back guarantee. If you're still within the timeframe for a full refund, take advantage of it.


Great for torrenting, supports popular streaming services, feature-rich options like WireGuard and specialty servers, affordable pricing, and an extended 45-day money-back guarantee